June 21, 2009

Special song theme:  Songs for Father's Day


Song Title

Album Title


Arnie Naiman

Iím On My Way to Somewhere / 45 Km to Town

The Banjo Special

Merriweather Records

Mustardís Retreat

Papaís on the Housetop

5 Miles or 50,000 Years

Mustardís Retreat

John Prine


Great Days: The John Prine Anthology


Bill Staines

The Little Cowboyís Lullaby

Tracks and Trails

Philo / Rounder

The Burns Sisters

My Fatherís Blue Eyes

In This World


Tom Russell

Where the Dream Begins


Hightone Records

Gene Autry

That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine

Donít Fence Me In: A Proper Introduction to Gene Autry


David Jones

Treat Me Daughter Decent

From Englandís Shore

Minstrel Records

Modern Man


The Wide Album

Inverted Turtle Records

Leo Kottke

Jack Gets Up

My Fatherís Face

Private Music

The Raisin Pickers

Carry Me Away

Michigan Wind

Flying Raven

Jim Henry

Pals Forever Dad


Signature Sounds

Groucho Marx

Everybody Works But Father / Fatherís Day

An Evening With Groucho

A & M Records


Little Potato


Sugar Hill

Catie Curtis

Dadís Yard

Truth From Lies

Hear Music


Plum Creek / The New Waltz


Sugar Hill

5:00 p.m.

Greg Brown


The Iowa Waltz

Red House Records

Andy Breckman

How I Met Your Mother

Family Album

Gadfly Records

Jack Williams

Daddyís Heaven

Laughing in the Face of the Blues

Wind River Records

Kat Eggleston


The Only Word

Redwing Music

Emmylou Harris

Son of a Rotten Gambler


Eminent Records

Woody Guthrie and Arlo Guthrie

This Land is Your Land

This Land is Your Land


Levon Helm and Amy Helm

Single Girl, Married Girl

Dirt Farmer


Loudon Wainwright III and Martha Wainwright

Father/Daughter Dialogue

Grown Man

Virgin Records

Josh White and Josh White Jr.

One Meatball

House of the Rising Son: In Tribute to Josh White

Silverwolf Records

Eric Bogle

Scraps of Paper

Scraps of Paper

Flying fish

Chris Smither

Fatherís Day

Leave the Light On

Signature Sounds

Bryan Powers

Workiní On the Car

Bristlecone Pine

Seattle Sounds

6:00 p.m.

Johnny Cash

A Boy Named Sue

The Legend of Johnny Cash

Universal Music

Don White

She Sings Me to Sleep with Laughter

Live in Michigan

Don White

Brown Eyes Shine

Brown Eyes Shine

Kate Wolf

Eyes of a Painter

An Evening in Austin

Kaleidoscope Records

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers

Heís a Part of Me

The Serious Stuff

Third Wave Productions

Michael Smith

I Brought My Father With Me

Michael Margaret Pat & Kate

Wind River

Guy Clark

The Randall Knife

Dublin Blues

Asylum Records / Elektra

Steve Goodman

My Old Man

No Big Surprise: The Steve Goodman Anthology

Red Pajamas

TR Ritchie

My Fatherís Wildest Dream

My Fatherís Wildest Dream

Apex Records

Tom Paxton

Spin and Turn

Live for the Record

Sugar Hill

Ronny Cox

Happy Fatherís Day

Songs with Repercussions

Wind River


Fatherís Day

Gravity of Grace


Arnie Naiman

Iím On My Way to Somewhere / 45 Km to Town

The Banjo Special

Merriweather Records